Campbell's Canada

In early 2011, Proximity was tasked with redesigning and re-imagining the two websites for Campbell's Canada: their corporate website, and their recipe website, Cook with Campbell's.

The previous websites were outdated and restrictive when it came to adding and changing content. The new Corporate site, built on a custom CMS, was redesigned and re-architected from the ground up to emphasize the community and nutritional initiatives of Campbell's Canada, alongside product and brand information.

Meanwhile, Cook With Campbell's emphasizes the use of Campbell's products to create appetizing, healthy meals for families. The new design was intended to amp up the appetite appeal, make it easier to search for relevant recipes and more straightforward to cook with. Amongst the deliverables included a complete overhaul of the search functionality, the visual design and the site branding.

Both sites were designed in tandem to make consistent use of prominent imagery, an all-new typographic system, and a clean, modern approach to informational and visual design. This project was geared primarily towards desktops, but some consideration was given to designing at a certain width that would render adequately on mobile.


Creative Director: Jon Webber
Senior Copywriter: Jonathan Weiss
Art Director: Stuart Thursby
Agency: Proximity Canada
Year: 2011



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