Intergalactic Travel Authority

The Intergalactic Travel Authority is the fun, quirky, consumer-facing brand that Story Planet (a Project-826-affiliated cafe in Toronto) uses to promote their dedication to being a community hub that brings together young writers, authors, teachers and more.

Over the course of working with them in 2013–2014, we worked on a successful series of travel posters/postcards for various planets in the solar system. In addition, we created a variety of different concepts for a whole identity system to be used across a range of products that would be for sale in the shop.

In the end, the design went in a different direction. The posters of Saturn and Mercury were produced, but the images here of the wider system reflect the work produced in the concept stage.


Creative Director: Leilah Ambrose
Art Directors: Stuart Thursby, Joel Derksen
Client: Story Planet
Years: 2013–2014


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