In the summer of 2013, Monoqi — an online shop for handpicked design — came to AJ&Smart to kickstart the design for their e-commerce site. Our task was to complete a small set of key wires and screen designs that they would be able to take and run with internally for the full build out of their product.

The key screens were designed to let the product visuals and brands lead the charge while fitting everything into a dense enough layout to allow for a greater volume of key information at a range of desktop browser dimensions. Clean, white and with a focus on modern design were the adjectives of the day, with sparing use of colour for key buttons, flags and labels.

The small but mighty set of key screens provided guidance for a great deal of functionality despite their limited number: the home screen, a search results screen, product screen and order screen all contained the range of actions the site needed to cover and enough of a head-start for the in-house team to take it all the way through development.


Art Director: Stuart Thursby
UX Designers: Jonathan Courtney, Michael Smart
Client: Monoqi
Years: 2013


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