Travel Yukon

Travel Yukon needed a site overhaul for their Trade department: fast.

The Trade audience differs from the consumer target in that any material is intended to promote the Yukon as a tourism destination to tour operators and vacation planners in key markets in North America and around the world. The previous site wasn't doing an optimal job of communicating the information and the inspiration that a Trade site needs to balance, and our task was to overhaul the site in time for a key trade show event.

We had to move fast, but these constraints led to a newer, component-based workflow that ended up saving days of design time and streamlining content development efforts. The initial content audits, site mapping and wireframing tasks were all done at a quick pace, and the initial visual design was primarily focused on creating a component worksheet at four breakpoints.

These worksheets — mobile, desktop-small, desktop-medium and desktop-large — contained a modular, component-based design with guidance on type sizing, padding, margins and other changes that would occur at each breakpoint. This saved us needing to design each screen, and allowed us to move into content and development quicker, while also serving as a key reference document throughout the project.

The project was a success, launching on time and to a bevy of positive reaction from the trade representatives of the Yukon and their partners.

The new site can be visited at


Creative Director: Dan Mullins
Art Director/UX/Visual Designer: Stuart Thursby
Client: Travel Yukon
Agency: T4G Kick
Year: 2016


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